GIS and Data Management Ltd provides you with expertise in the fields of Geographic Information Systems and Data Management.

Your spatial data holdings can benefit you in new ways, either by linking them with your other data or with public data, by developing new methods of analysing them, using new software packages, or by moving them to new management systems that permit better data sharing.

We offer you services including:

  • Developing new methods of analysing your data.
  • Migrating your data from file-based storage to database systems
  • Creating web-services to make your data more widely accessible, either to your staff, to clients or to the public
  • Advising on OpenSource solutions to your spatial analysis requirements
  • Providing training at all levels, enabling the wider integration of GIS in your company's operations.
  • Advice on the introduction and use of standards, especially ISO TC211 and OGC.

We have expertise covering a wide range of environmental sciences, especially Geology and Geophysics, but also including biological sciences. We also have experience of supporting logistic operations, creating maps for use in GPS equipment and much else.

Our skills will complement the expertise of your existing staff, developing and enhancing their skills.