GIS and Data Management does exactly what the company name says; it provides expertise to enable you to make the best use of your spatial data holdings. Through us, you have access to over 30 years experience of data management and GIS applied to data from the environmental sciences, with experience in Oil and Gas, Geology, Geophysics, Marine and Terrestrial Biology, Hydrology, Visualization, Cartography, Remote Sensing and many other areas.

We also have experience in the field of International Standards; Mr Cooper was a member of ISO TC211 (the international GIS standards body), and worked with the OpenGeospatial Consortium.

We have skills in both commercial GIS products, especially ESRI's ArcGIS suite, and also in OpenSource solutions, such as GvSIG and Quantum GIS on the desk-top, PostGIS as a data store, and Geoserver and OpenLayers as frameworks for web applications.