Do we replace your existing GIS staff?
No, that is not our aim. Our aim is to complement the skills of your staff in the day-to-day operations of your business. The scenario we envisage is that you have the necessary skills to operate existing systems. However, you have no spare capacity to develop new techniques, or to migrate your systems to new platforms, or to create new functionality. Our objective is to move you from one level of performance to another. In doing so, we would expect to provide development opportunities for existing staff, through training, coaching or mentoring.
What will it cost?
A lot less than employing a permanent senior member of staff with equivalent experience and skills! We charge a daily rate; the length of contract and rate will be negotiated during initial meetings.
Can you save us money?
In many cases, we can. For example, your present systems may have you locked into expensive software licenses, and eventually you will be faced with the choice of either upgrading or relying on software that is unsupportable. An OpenSource solution, or a web-based solution, may well provide a more cost-effective way of meeting your needs, without incurring ongoing license costs.
Do you work in our offices?
That depends entirely on the nature of the work to be done. Naturally, in all cases we expect to spend time in your offices, ensuring we understand the nature of your situation, and the nature of your data and systems. However, we anticipate working away from your offices for those parts of a contract where day-to-day interaction with your staff and/or data are not needed. In some cases, it may be possible for remote access to your systems to be arranged.