Photo of Mr Cooper with image of South Georgia in the background Mr Cooper has a long track record of using Geographic Information Systems in support of Environmental sciences. He trained as a geologist, and has been working with data management since 1977 and on spatial data since 1979. He has published over 40 papers on various aspects of environmental science. His major career accomplishment has been the management and maintenance of the Antarctic Digital Database, which provides a unified set of topographic information for Antarctica. Other accomplishments include managing the project to create the South Georgia GIS.

In addition to Mr Cooper's major skills in GIS, he is also an accomplished trainer. He has developed several well-received courses for a variety of trainees, including scientists wishing to use GIS techniques with their own data, teachers wishing to teach the GIS module in GCSE Geography and Data Managers wishing to use web-mapping to present their data.

Mr Cooper is also a good communicator, both in writing and verbally. He has skills in writing articles at a popular science level, honed by time spent in the office of Nature News Update while a British Association Media Fellow. He is also a practised public speaker, having been a lay preacher in the Church of England for over 20 years.