We believe that we provide you with a unique depth of experience in the field of GIS and Data Management. Mr Cooper started working in Data Management in 1978; since then he has been responsible for maintaining and developing many large databases. His early experience was in the Oil and Gas industry, and naturally, he was interested from an early date in managing data that was spatially referenced. During the 1980s, he was involved in managing geophysical data for a team at the Scott Polar Research Institute, and while there was involved in helping to specify the ground processing segment of the ERS-1 mission. On joining British Antarctic Survey, he again became responsible for several large databases, and for many years managed the primary topographic database for Antarctica. In doing so, he was a user of ESRI software from 1990, and used many other software packages, including CAD packages and drawing packages.

Mr Cooper also has strong software development skills, and is capable of working in a very large number of programming languages, including Basic, C, Fortran, Java and many others. He is skilled in the use of SQL, and has experience of Oracle and PostGreSQL, in addition to Microsoft Office.

In addition to these technical skills, we can provide excellent communication skills, both verbally and in writing. Mr Cooper has considerable experience as a communicator, both in his professional and private lives.

The depth of experience and strong technical and personal skills mean that whatever we undertake for your business will carried out by a supremely well-qualified expert.