In addition to technical services and public speaking, we offer a ropework service for yachts.

Mr Cooper has been an enthusiast for knotting and splicing since his childhood; one of his most treasured Christmas presents was Ashley's Book of Knots! He has made most of the sheets and halliards on his own yacht, as well as mooring lines and dock lines. He can work in conventional three strand rope, braid-on-braid and octoplait. He'll have a go at other types of rope, at a discount for the first customers as he'll be learning!

We can offer a wide range of services including:

  • Halliards or sheets
  • Mooring lines
  • Heaving lines
  • Fender lanyards
  • Fancy knotting (e.g. bell ropes, Turks heads etc.)

Costs will be based on materials plus time at £50/ hour; as a guide, it takes about 10 minutes to finish an eye-splice in 3 strand rope.